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 Redefine Success and Prosperity to Get Clear On Your Path– Understand your definitions of success and prosperity and why they may be holding you back from realizing your fullest potential. The empathic can invest too much emotion in these definitions, while the highly analytical can spend too much time over-analyzing them. Learn new, attainable definitions so that hours, tears, and money are no longer wasted. November 2nd – 7-8:30pm

Get REAL About Your Life Purpose(s) and Come Clean About What You Really Want– Uncover your life purpose or purposes. Yes, we can have more than one. We look deeply at Eckart Tolle’s understanding of life purpose and how you can apply it to your own life and make it possible to live that purpose! December 7th – 7-8:30pm

Stop Making Excuses for Unhealthy Behavior and Get With the Program!– Gain clarity around what health and well-being mean for you and how to navigate the many options you have. There are easy ways to know intuitively what you need and to find out cost-effective ways of getting it. January 4th – 7-8:30pm

Learn What Successful People Know About Self-Trust and Confidence- This is a fundamental skill that everyone needs to be successful in life.  Fear is the culprit that is typically in the way of us not having these. Learn to walk through fear and come out stronger on the other side. February 1st – 7-8:30pm

Learn Mental Focus Strategies That Keep You On Track and in Synchronicity– Everyone, without exception, struggles with mental distraction! Analytical types call it “brain candy”. Empaths call it “shiny objects”. Mastering the thoughts and emotions is the key skill that can bring us instant peace and propel us to forward on our journey! March 1st – 7-8:30pm

Learn to Break the Cycle of Toxic Relationship Habits and Develop R.E.A.L Relationships – Understand how relationships work from a spiritual and psychological perspective and why you have been repeating the same pattern in some of your relationships again and again. Learn how to break that cycle! April 5th – 7-8:30pm

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