Free Classes!

In this series of 6 classes, I guide students through my process of finding clarity, clearing obstacles, and creating a plan of action so that they can have more FREEDOM!  Learn More

Long Life and Vibrant Health Holistic Program

In this customized holistic health program, Brandy teaches Baby-boomers who struggle with cancer fears, fluctuating weight, chronic pain, and allergies to claim more time, energy and happiness. A scientifically proven plan for feeling young and living longer, Brandy walks with you step-by-step on your path to the longevity and vitality you know is possible! Learn More

Uncovering Limiting Beliefs with Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing, or Applied Kinesiology, is an effective tool for determining accurate information about limiting beliefs. Muscle testing simply gives us clues to what questions to ask, and is the “switch” for determining which limiting beliefs are true for yourself or someone else. Learn More

Basic DNA ThetaHealing® Training and Certification

Basic DNA introduces ThetaHealing® techniques and focuses on activating the 12 strands of DNA within each participant. Students experience an opening to the Unconditional Love of the Creator. | Learn More

Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner’s Training

The Advanced ThetaHealing® Course expands the information in the Basic Seminar to encompass an in-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence which surround us. This course is for the practitioner to become the BEST practitioner they can possibly be. | Learn More