Date: March 27, 2017 | Start: 7:00 pm | End: 9:00 pm

515 Heidrich St. 

Houston, TX 77018

March 27, 2017

ThetaHealing® Exchange

Anyone is welcome to come and get an instant healing from a trained ThetaHealing Practitioner. No prior knowledge of ThetaHealing is necessary. There will be a brief introduction and then we will get to work!

This is a chance for ThetaHealing Practitioners to practice their healing and intuition skills. If you have been trained in ThetaHealing but aren’t using your skills, this is a great opportunity to give and receive the practice.
Come with issues like:

• Depression

• Physical pain

• Anxiety

• Anger

• Chronic illness

• Allergies

• Repeated life struggles

For more information on ThetaHealing and Vianna Stibal:

All Guests: $10
ThetaHealers: $5

Pay at the door. Cash or credit cards accepted.