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    3 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Stick

    Have you ever made a New Years Resolution to get healthy, find love, or move forward in some profound way only to give up after a few months or weeks? Why is it so difficult to change old habits? Why can’t the changes you want in your life come easy? I have had these challenges…

    Dirty Dozen Guide to Food Additives

    EWG’S DIRTY DOZEN GUIDE TO FOOD ADDITIVES Food should be good for you. But some isn’t. More than 10,000 additives* are allowed in food. Some are direct additives that are deliberately formulated into processed food. Others are indirect additives that get into food during processing, storage and packaging. How do you know which ones to…

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    ThetaHealing® Exchange

    Anyone is welcome to come and get an instant healing from a trained ThetaHealing Practitioner. No prior knowledge of ThetaHealing is necessary. There will be a brief introduction and then we will get to work! This is a chance for ThetaHealing Practitioners to practice their healing and intuition skills. If you have been trained in…

    Deepen Your Relationships with Compassionate Communication

      This is a 6 week course. Every Tuesday, 7-9:00pm. Drop ins welcome. ***First Class Free*** See schedule below. March 7 March 14 March 21 March 28 April 4 April 11 *Reduce tension in conversations with anyone *Learn to drop your story and keep focused attention *Learn how to get your message across with kindness…

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Brandy works with clients impacted by cancer, heart disease, and diabetes that have suffered enough and are ready to have long life and vibrant health.


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