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    Why We Don’t Follow Our Intuition

    If you have been working on listening to your intuition and learning how to follow that higher guidance, you know it’s not always easy. Our self-talk can speak louder than our intuitive wisdom at times and drown out simple direction and truths. Our intuition is a function our super-conscious mind and serves as a beacon for…

    Fight, Flight, or Freeze? Fears Manifested!

    Our fears manifest themselves in 3 main ways: FIGHT, FLIGHT, or FREEZE. In the fight mode, fear takes on a companion called Anger. Anger, frustration, agitation, aggravation, aggression are all fueled and justified when we are fearful. These cause us to lash out to protect ourselves. It’s a reactive coping strategy and teaches us to…

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    Manifesting Your Dreams Party

    Nothing like this has existed until now! We are going to support each other in co-creating and holding space for our DREAMS. Here’s how we are going to do it: This event is FREE and is an experiment in mass, conscious co-creation. You have been invited because I believe in your POWER to manifest and…

    ThetaHealing Exchange

    This is a chance for ThetaHealing Practitioners to practice their healing and intuition skills. If you have been trained in ThetaHealing but aren’t using your skills, this is a great opportunity to give and receive the practice. Anyone is welcome to come and get an instant healing from a trained ThetaHealing Practitioner. No prior knowledge…

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Brandy works with clients impacted by cancer, heart disease, and diabetes that have suffered enough and are ready to have long life and vibrant health.


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